1st Global’s Patrick Di Fazio and Matt Zokai Quoted in FiduciaryNews Article

1st Global’s Patrick Di Fazio, director of Wealth Management Consulting, and Matt Zokai, senior advisor of Retirement Services, were recently quoted in FiduciaryNews article “Tax Law Fallout Yields These Five Fiduciary Facts For Retirement Savings.”

“For individuals, tax-deferred retirement saving becomes increasingly more important to reduce taxable income, since the new tax law has increased the standard deduction to $12,200 per individual, $24,400 for married filing jointly,” says Patrick Di Fazio, Director of Wealth Management Consulting at 1st Global and Matt Zokai, Senior Advisor of Retirement Services at 1st Global. “The higher standard deduction eliminates the need for many tax payers to itemize ‘below the line’ deductions.”

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