3 Ways to Develop or Enhance a Prospect Marketing List

John Mims, Business Development Relationship Specialist
May 29, 2019

A prospect marketing list is an important part of your firm’s marketing plan, as it will be the center of your direct mail, email or call campaigns. Whether you are just starting out to develop a marketing list or need to enhance an existing marketing list, here are three ways to find the data you need to be successful.

  1. Solicit referrals from existing clients

Referrals from existing clients are the best source for marketing prospects. You can create a referral card to give your current business or consumer clients to ask them for referrals. Offer them an incentive for a referral, like an Amazon or local restaurant gift card. When someone provides you with a referral, add them to your marketing list quickly. When speaking with a prospective client, be sure to ask them if someone referred them to you. It is always a best practice to find out how prospects heard of you.

  1. Purchase consumer or B2B (business to business) marketing list

There are thousands of list brokers you can use to purchase marketing lists. Just conduct a search for “B2B [or consumer] marketing list for [your city/state here]” and you will get a robust list of options. Some of the larger list brokers for B2B list are infousa.com, dnb.com, usadatacorporattion.com and exactdata.com. It is a simple process to build your search criteria on these sites and view sample data before purchasing. Purchased lists can be risky and can often contain outdated information but are a great starting point if you are just beginning to build your marketing list.

  1. Consult specialized industry lists from state licensing agencies

Just as you have to be a licensed CPA to practice in your state, other industries require licenses as well. Some states will provide business license list for free or for a minimal processing fee. For example, in Arkansas, you can sign up to get the business entity/corporation lists for a minimum fee. A word of caution: these lists are generally not easy to find, so you will have to dig for them. Fortunately, though, these types of lists are usually current depending on how often the license type has to be renewed with the state. You can find specific lists for everything from medical and dental practices to licensed plumbers.

Developing, growing and maintaining a prospect marketing list can be a valuable asset to your marketing plan. Whether gathering referrals, purchasing a list or finding specialized lists, it is important to maintain a quality prospecting list to get quality prospects. Make sure that you have a way of tracking where your list data came from. This will come in handy as you scrub and maintain your prospect data.