Building Retirement Plans to Withstand Retirement

Shelley Yates, Communications Senior Advisor
October 24, 2018

1st Global advisor Jody Padar and Dr. Wade Pfau of Retirement Researcher recently sat down to discuss an often-overlooked aspect of retirement planning: retirement income.

“A lot of retirement planning in the past has been on ‘What do you do pre-retirement to accumulate assets for retirement?’” Pfau explained. “Retirement income is really about ‘What do you do when you get to retirement to make sure you can sustain your lifestyle for as long as you live in retirement?’”

Pfau, a trailblazer on the study of retirement income who bridges the gap between academic research and practical application, went on to examine how investing differs pre- and post-retirement.

“The nature of risk changes,” he said. “That’s where the traditional and best investing approach pre-retirement doesn’t work as well post-retirement. You do have to look at other ways to incorporate different tools and strategies beyond just investments.”

Pfau will be sharing additional insights on retirement income — risk premium versus risk pooling — at the 1st Global National Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, on Monday, Nov. 12.



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