CPAs Discuss the Importance of Coaching

Tynecia Martin, MBA, LUTCF®, FSS, Channel Marketing and Branding Specialist
September 14, 2018

1st Global advisor Jody Padar, CEO and principal of New Vision CPA Group, recently sat down with Sarah Elliot, a former CPA and co-founder and principal of Intend2Lead, LLC, a certified CPA coaching and leadership development firm and Lindsay Stevenson, vice president of finance & tax at 1st Financial Bank and chairperson of the EDGE Experience, a networking group which aims to reinforce the talent pipeline of CPAs and broaden the professional network of young professionals. They discussed the impact and role that coaching plays in running a successful firm or organization.  

Elliot mentioned that there is, “So much uncertainty facing us — and we don’t have all of the answers … so how can we create a space for people to figure that out? I think coaching is such a gift for us to do that.” Elliot now coaches other CPAs using her industry knowledge. Sharing her own personal experience, Stevenson discusses the role Elliot played as her coach and how she continues to use that information to transform the EDGE experience.



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