Five Marketing Resources I Can’t Live Without

Emily James, CMP, Director of Marketing, Communications and Events
January 18, 2019

Over the years I’ve tried many different tools to help plan events and execute marketing strategies, but there are some that have stayed with me as trends come and go. Without fail, I use each and every one of the following affordable (and some free!) resources to make projects easier, faster and more fun.

Project Management: Asana

Never miss a step in the planning process again with the web-based project management system Asana. Their basic, free version comes equipped with mobile app and desktop versions that will make planning simple whether you’re on the go or in the office. Collaborate with team members, assign tasks and record status notes in this easy-to-use platform. With easy integration into Outlook, this tool works its way seamlessly into your current calendar.

Pro Tip: Thoughtfully build out your project timelines the first time so that you can easily clone the project for future use saving you tons of time down the road.

Quick Design Fix: Canva

Gone are the days where you need advanced, expensive programs to produce attractive designs for marketing materials. Canva has everything you need to improve your presentations, social media presence and custom marketing pieces. With a strong mobile app and an extremely robust desktop platform, you have access to thousands of professional templates, graphics and fonts to start producing beautiful pieces for your next project immediately. The drag-and-drop feature in their editor makes designing quick and easy with minimal learning curve.

Pro Tip: Upload your logo first when you start working on a design so you can use their color selector tool to match your colors perfectly.

Inspiration and Creativity: Pinterest

Pinterest is an easy way to keep all your incredible ideas in one place. Whether you search in their free platform directly or if you save ideas to your “board” from other places online, you’ll have an abundance of inspiration at your fingertips. Search things like “Retirement Gifts” or “Silver Anniversary Celebration”, and you’ll be met with all sorts of creative applications from food and beverage to décor and invitations. 

Pro Tip: Once you’ve pinned ideas to a project board, enroll others in your vision by sharing a single link to the board instead of multiple, individual links to each image.

Supplies: Amazon Prime

When procuring supplies or marketing materials, there is nothing I use more than Amazon Prime. I shop around to see what products can be easily acquired, and with their Prime search filter, I know I can get it in my hands within two days with free shipping. There’s no magic in this recommendation – just straightforward, well-executed logistics that reduce your time shopping and increase your time in the office working on things that deserve more of your attention.

Pro Tip: With Amazon Prime membership, you get unlimited photo storage. Share photos from a recent client appreciation event by uploading the photos to an album in Amazon Photos then share the custom link privately with those in attendance for them to download as a follow-up to your event.

Music: Spotify + Soundtrack Your Brand

Every perfectly planned event needs music. Whether you are welcoming people into a space or entertaining them over dinner, music makes everything feel warmer and more complete. Rather than purchasing tons of music, I recommend an inexpensive digital streaming Spotify account for access to millions of songs. Once you have an account, you can be as hands on (creating your own playlist) or off (use a recommended Spotify playlist) as you desire.

In order to comply with ASCAP and BMI license requirements for playing music in public spaces, pair your Spotify membership with a monthly subscription at Soundtrack Your Brand. They take care of the licensing for you, have ready-made soundtracks, allow you to import Spotify playlists and even have an explicit-lyrics filter.

Pro Tip: You don’t even have to have wireless connectivity at an event to make it work. With either premium membership, you can download a playlist onto a device then plug directly into any speakers.