Six Rules for Making the Most of Your Content Part 2

Ryan George, AVP of Marketing and Communications
May 29, 2018

These days it’s content, content everywhere. Our inboxes, websites and social feeds are overwhelmed with content – we’re surrounded and often consumed by the noise it creates. Is it time for marketers, content creators and communicators to abandon content altogether?

No way. Content creation is how we tell our stories, stay at the forefront of industry trends and provide valuable expert insights to key stakeholders.

We just need to get better at it.

To ensure 1st Global’s content creation efforts meet our high-quality standards and don’t get lost in the shuffle, we follow six simple rules: make it accessible, consumable, shareable, relevant, timely and connected.

(If you haven’t read Part 1, I suggest you start there for full context. You can access it here)

Serve it to Share

In addition to making your content accessible, you also must remove every barrier possible for your audience to share your message. Make sure you have social sharing plugins active. Are you including a compelling image that will automatically populate when posting to Twitter, LinkedIn or other platforms?

Keep in mind that simple often equates to shareable. Each week, our team at 1st Global creates and distributes an interesting financial statistic from proprietary or curated research. These pieces of mini-content attract more clicks, a higher level of engagement and three times the attention as our blogs, videos, etc.

Don’t forget to enroll your colleagues in the sharing process — if you’re not actively requesting their assistance in getting your content out there, then you’re leaving low-hanging fruit on the vine.

Keep it Timely

If this article was titled “10 Trends Affecting Your Content in 2014,” I don’t think I could even pay people to engage with it. Refrain from cheap and easy hooks that tie-in to holidays, seasons, etc. — it will severely limit the content’s long-term value. Instead, let your expert insights be the hook by tackling top-of-mind topics that are affecting people today, tomorrow and in the future. Better yet, share your insights and expertise on upcoming challenges. Give them the scoop, and they will be a forever loyal audience.

Happily, you and your team can chuckle as you see the competition scramble to copy you. All good content will fall victim to copycats. Consider it a compliment, and do whatever you can to secure intellectual property (IP) protection for the really valuable pieces.

Make Sure it’s Connected

If the content you’re creating doesn’t directly tie to a specific business goal or objective stop right there. There is no time for vanity in today’s content marketplace. Every single piece should align with the products or services your company sells or fill a skills/knowledge gap, such as informing on a new rule, procedure or business process. In fact, I plan on using this exact article to convince our internal subject matter experts (SMEs) that they need to be prolific content creators.

Additionally, because good, useful content requires well-articulated and well-researched insights, encourage your SMEs and your team to leverage the content creation process as a knowledge gathering exercise. Want to know more about estate planning? Write an article about it. I can thank the content creation process for nearly almost everything I know about the financial services industry.

For content creators, the struggle is real — you will never have enough content. But, by making your content accessible, consumable, shareable, relevant, timely and connected, you can ensure your team is making the most of what you’ve got.