True Customer Service Happens with Recovery

Casey Mason, Service Team Manager
February 19, 2019

We have all experienced poor customer service at some point in our lives, even from the best of companies. The truth is, ALL companies, no matter how customer-service oriented they are, will fall short of their customers’ expectations every now and then.

Take for example a recent personal experience of mine. I regularly visit the café at my gym for a post-workout protein shake. I get the same shake every time. So much so that one of the people behind the counter knows my order and occasionally questions if I ever want to deviate. Good customer service? Absolutely. However, the real test of how good their customer service is came when, one day, things didn’t go as smoothly.

I ordered my shake, and after waiting for 15 minutes, I walked back up to the counter to inquire about its status. The look on his face told me immediately that he had forgotten to make it. He immediately apologized and said he would have it right out. I chalked it up to “everyone makes mistakes” and told him it was not a problem. A couple minutes later, my shake was delivered, along with a coupon for a free shake on my next visit. I left feeling as if I was taken care of and the mistake would most likely never happen again, and I appreciated the extra effort the individual took to include a free shake coupon.

Fast-forward a few days. I returned to the gym, had a good workout and hit the café as normal. I had completely forgotten about the blunder a few days earlier. I walked up to the counter, put in my order, and before I even stepped away, the same gentleman handed me my shake. I looked at him quizzically and asked, “How did you finish it so quickly?” He explained that he saw me walking toward the café through the window and immediately started making the shake he knew I would order. Good customer service had just become GREAT customer service. I was happy with how things were handled when the mistake was originally made, but after this latest experience, I immediately started wondering how I could get this guy on MY team!

The bottom line is that, while we think every customer expects things to be 100 percent correct 100 percent of the time, reality shows us that simply cannot happen. Mistakes will be made, and customers understand that. What they are really looking for is to know that they are valued and that the company honestly wants to treat them right. They want to feel like the person on the other end of that mistake took a minute to ask themselves what would make them feel good about the situation if it happened to them. The truth is, it does not always take a grand or expensive gesture, just a little thought and time to show each customer that they do in fact matter.

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