What Every Branding Toolkit Needs: Vision, Values and Mission

Amanda LeFebvre, Manager of Creative Services
April 30, 2019

Having a standard set of branding tools helps to efficiently develop consistency across your brand. It also helps support a clear and consistent vision to guide your marketing initiatives. It is important for your organization to effectively communicate and market who you are, and why you do what you do.

Three company statements – vision, mission and values – guide the individuals that represent your firm to create a consistent experience, message and behavior at all levels of your organization.

What does the future of your firm look like?

vision statement defines ambitions of the organization. This is a general statement created to inspire and guide individuals on how to contribute to the organization while keeping a common goal in mind. Vision statements should be short, clear and concise.

Example: Our vision is to help our clients accomplish the financial goals that are important to them.

How will your firm achieve the vision?

mission statement specifically defines how the organization is different than the competition – what you do different and better. It clearly states what you do and why you do it.

Example: Our mission is to provide trustworthy and knowledgeable advice to enable American investors to achieve the financial goals they have for themselves and their loved ones.

How do you expect individuals to interact with peers, leaders and clients?

A values statement defines what the organization believes in and guides the behavior of the individuals of the organization and its culture. These values guide all decision making and establish a standard at all levels and can even help identify with and connect to targeted clients.

Example: We value honesty, integrity, responsiveness and putting our clients’ needs first.

Together, these statements provide focus for the organization on where it is going and what it needs to do to get there. Provide direction on your purpose – how do you stand out as an organization?

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