Ryan George, Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications
December 27, 2018
“Good grief!” It seems no matter how you look at it—December has been rough for stocks. With so much bad news in the headlines, it’s important for investors to remember the true meaning of investing. A Dreadful December Global stock...Read more »
Joan Alexandre, Investment Analyst
December 26, 2018
When What You See Is All There Is In 2011, Nobel laureate and research psychologist Daniel Kahneman published “Thinking, Fast and Slow”. This New York Times bestseller written with frequent collaborator Amos Taversky¹ encapsulates decades-long research into the factors governing...Read more »
Betsy Abney, Wealth Management Academy Assistant Advocate
December 26, 2018
The right wealth management assistant can often hold the key to success for a wealth management firm. Finding the right assistant to play this role at your firm doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By identifying the skills and...Read more »
Bill Snyder, CFP®, CEP®, CRPC®, Financial Planning Regional Director
December 21, 2018
Do you know what your wealth management firm is really worth? Believe it or not, many owners of financial advisory practices don’t know what their firm is really worth and, in fact, many believe it is worth more than it...Read more »
Nate Biddick, CFP®, AVP of Consulting
December 18, 2018
For many CPA wealth managers, it can be tempting to want to take on as many clients as possible in order to maximize their firms’ revenue potential. However, not all clients are suitable for your firm, and sometimes it’s necessary...Read more »
Shelley Yates, Communications Senior Advisor
December 12, 2018
Sally Hogshead, New York Times bestselling author, researcher and creator of The Fascination Advantage®, recently spoke at the 1st Global National Conference about the correlation between differentiation and success. “Fascination is your brain’s most intense state of focus,” she explained...Read more »
Investment Management Research Group (IMRG) of 1st Global
December 7, 2018
Impending signs of “doom” lurking around the corner sent U.S. stock markets into a tailspin this week, falling roughly 4 percent at their lowest intra-day point. Volatility and downward pressure has been a relatively consistent theme for the Dow Jones...Read more »
Shelley Yates, Communications Senior Advisor
December 5, 2018
Shawn Achor, Harvard researcher and positive psychology expert, recently spoke at the 1st Global National Conference about the connection between happiness and success. He made a distinction between pleasure, which is the short-lived emotion felt when laughing or smiling, and...Read more »
Bill Snyder, CFP®, CEP®, CRPC®, Regional Director of Financial Planning
November 30, 2018
As financial advisors, it is our responsibility not only to understand clients’ goals, analyze their current situations and make sound recommendations on how to accomplish these goals, but it’s also our mission to help them make the right decisions.Read more »
Alan Zabloudil, AIF®, Director of Service, Operations and Capital Markets
November 26, 2018
In the wealth management business, behavioral finance is the study of the influence of psychology on the behavior of investors and the subsequent impact on the markets. It’s an important topic for discussion because of its explanatory power of irrational...Read more »

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