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It’s important that you find the right fit for you and your firm.

Successful CPA firms are approaching the wealth management business with the understanding that it requires the basics of any new business to be successful: skilled people, effective marketing, proven processes, integrated systems and the right technology.

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What is the optimal business model for your firm?

Multi-Partner Firms

Avantax Wealth Management provides a strategic business model that no other broker-dealer offers. The BMS model is an optimal solution for large multi-partner CPA firms that want to benefit from the wealth management business but also desire a turn-key approach based on proven systems, processes and human resources to internally develop the competency and infrastructure to support that business. Firms that adopt the BMS model have the advantage of having dedicated BMS advisors and a capable support team to focus on their businesses. Avantax Wealth Management provides firms the internal systems, marketing, planning, technology, education and back-office sales support.

Independent Advisor

The IA model is ideal for accounting firms that are excited about the challenge of growing wealth management practices on their own. Advisors in the IA model build their wealth management practices from the ground up, but that does not mean they must work alone. The firm receives extensive support from Avantax Wealth Management’s practice consultants and ongoing sales, marketing and product support from Avantax Wealth Management’s Client Experience Team. Additionally, IA affiliates will participate in the regional WIN Program to exchange business-building and case solution ideas with their colleagues.


7 Reasons CPAs Should Choose Avantax

You and your firm offer exceptional professional services to your clients. If you are committed to serving even more clients and serving them better than ever, Avantax Wealth Management can help.

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