Amanda Delgado

Compliance Administrative Assistant

Amanda Delgado is an administrative assistant in the Compliance Department at 1st Global, where she helps to support the daily operations of the department, particularly through managing the correspondence inbox; assisting with projects for the assistant vice president of general counsel and the executive vice president of compliance, legal and risk assessment; and administering tasks regarding legal invoices and tracking statements.

She began her career at 1st Global in 2016 and enjoys the compelling role she serves in helping others throughout the industry adhere to the required compliance standards.

Amanda received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography from the University of Texas at Arlington and worked in the oil and gas industry for seven years as a geoscience technician at Exco Resources prior to joining 1st Global. She understands and appreciates that her current role is crucial in keeping the day-to-day progress continuing within the department, and she loves being able to grow and learn more about the industry on a daily basis.