Amanda LeFebvre

Manager of Creative Services

Amanda LeFebvre is manager of creative services in the Marketing Department at 1st Global, where she develops campaign and marketing material through graphic design, manages projects and workflow, is responsible for vendor and brand management, and creates and codes websites for all external company events. She began her career at 1st Global in 2014 and previously served as a graphic design specialist before taking on additional responsibilities in her current role.

Amanda received her Bachelor of Arts degree in textiles and apparel from the University of Northern Iowa and gained valuable experience in the marketing industry prior to 1st Global as a marketing and media specialist and graphic designer at Chippenhook and as an associate marketing and operations manager at Hanley Wood Exhibitions. She believes a person should never stop learning, no matter how advanced his or her skills are, and she loves being able to share new knowledge and skills with others and then seeing them gain more ability and confidence as they apply skills they’ve attained. She appreciates that her current role allows her to create tangible pieces from ideas — seeing small notions and details come together to create something great.