Fannie Pantoja

Project Manager II

Fannie Pantoja is a project manager at 1st Global, where she applies the values and principles of Agile (the ability to rapidly and deliberately respond to changing demand while controlling risk) to help plan, lead and organize projects and to motivate the teams responsible for those projects. To do so, she uses the Scrum framework, which enables organizations to create products that meet evolving business objectives. She began her career at 1st Global in 2012 and previously served as a project coordinator and junior project manager before transitioning into her current role. She was voted Employee of the Quarter for Q2 2018 for her hard work and dedication.

Fannie truly enjoys serving others, and project management allows her to do so. Prior to 1st Global, she worked as an executive assistant at Penson Worldwide, which provided brokerage, clearing, operational and technology services. She appreciates that her role as a project manager affords her the opportunity to help others fulfill their commitments and to help implement the values they’ve identified for the company.