Voice of the Advisor Survey

How advisor feedback makes us better.

The Voice of the Advisor survey is a semiannual primary research study created by Avantax Wealth Management’s in-house research team to gather essential information from Avantax affiliated firms. Created in 2013, the survey provides valuable information used to measure our success in delivering exceptional service and support to our affiliated advisors.

In addition to collecting insights on advisor and wealth management assistant satisfaction with many areas of Avantax Wealth Management, this semiannual survey distributed to all Avantax affiliates, provides an opportunity to uncover the specific challenges of CPA wealth management firms and what the vision is for the future of their firms. The top five are listed below.

What if Price Were Not a Factor?

There is one simple, open-ended question we always ask affiliate CPA wealth management firms that provides amazing insights: “If price were not a factor, what is the one business problem you would like to solve?”

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