Growth Consulting

Many firms that hit growth plateaus have spent a lot of time working “in” their business but not enough time working “on” the business.

Avantax Wealth Management's coaching and consulting program can elevate your business to the next level of growth. Based on more than 25 years of experience working with CPA firms, our coaching and consulting program guides your firm to become intentional about all aspects of the business and, more importantly, the results.

The Avantax coaching and consulting program helps your firm:

  • Create business and marketing plans based on firm values.

  • Consistently acquire new clients.

  • Increase value extraction.

  • Increase Method 10® financial planning solutions per client.

  • Implement consistent and repeatable “best practice” business processes.

  • Increase referrals from CPA partners to wealth management partners.

  • Create long-term plans for realizing embedded wealth management potential.


Avantax Consulting Group

The Consulting group exists to provide “on the business” training, coaching and consulting to firm leaders, affiliated financial advisors and support teams, helping them grow their wealth management enterprises.