Fee-Based Advisory Solutions

Disciplined investment process. Flexible platform. Robust programs.

Investment Management Solutions (IMS) from Avantax Wealth Management is a fee-based advisory platform that provides clients of affiliated CPA firms access to multiple advisory programs supported by well-defined investment beliefs, intellectual rigor, research and asset allocation models developed by Avantax’s Portfolio Management Group and its accomplished strategic advisors.

Whether investors are focused on accumulating wealth or preserving it, the investment flexibility and options of the IMS platform allow CPA wealth managers to play a pivotal role in helping their clients work toward their financial goals and honor the important promises they’ve made to their loved ones.

Through the IMS platform, affiliate CPA firms and financial advisors have access to more than 5,000 mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and a selection of professional money managers. The robust strategies in IMS utilize fund families such as Fidelity, Vanguard, PIMCO, John Hancock, Dimensional Fund Advisors, iShares and Oppenheimer.


Professionally Managed, Turn-key Portfolios

Avantax Wealth Management’s discretionary asset management program, the IMS Select Portfolios, provide the discipline, capability and process necessary to help investors reach their investment goals. Each strategy delivers professional investment management with the added benefit of consistent long-term performance objectives, automatic rebalancing and tax efficiency.

With over 50 different portfolios across five distinct investor profiles (Ultra Conservative, Conservative, Moderate, Growth and Aggressive Growth), the IMS Select Portfolios are highly diversified across seven core asset classes and can be implemented utilizing either managed mutual funds, passive exchange-traded funds or a blend of these investment vehicles.

The Portfolio Management Group

The Portfolio Management Group (PMG) is a team of tenured investment professionals that operates under the oversight of the Avantax Investment Committee and is tasked with finding “best-in-class” investment managers and products for use across the IMS Select Portfolios strategies as well as other IMS programs.

Wealth Management Consulting Group

The Wealth Management Consulting group is a robust resource that partners with financial advisors to deliver tax-optimized solutions through proven capabilities that serve the complex needs of their clients. The group leverages its expertise and professional advice experience to provide excellent customer service, substantive analysis and sales support that empowers partner firms to grow.

Our Beliefs About Investing

Financial planning is a journey, and having faith in the future matters.

It is an undeniable truth that the future is inherently uncertain. Download the white paper to learn more about our philosophy for disciplined, long-term investors.

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