Avantax Seasonal Planning

Avantax Wealth ManagementSM has developed a dynamic process that provides realistic answers to the complex challenges of generating enough income to provide an ideal retirement.

Avantax Wealth Management and its affiliated firms subscribe to the Method 10® planning philosophy — a commitment to addressing all relevant areas of a client’s financial situation. The Avantax Seasonal Planning service is the delivery of a comprehensive fee-based financial planning engagement through a premium seasonal service model.

M10 Seasonal Planning

The Avantax Seasonal Planning service cycle is based around the science of neuroeconomics, which seeks to explain human decision making and the ability to process multiple alternatives and follow a course of action.


Four Reasons to Apply a Seasonal Service Model

It maximizes the value of client meetings. Rather than rehashing the same conversation in every meeting, each quarterly meeting allows the financial advisor and client to focus on a specific set of items for more meaningful discussions.

It eases concerns about market volatility. Quarterly, targeted conversations keep the client focused on the accomplishments of goals, rather than the performance of their investments. Thus, the client should be less emotionally impacted by stock market fluctuation.

It helps financial advisors define — and increase — your value. Seasonal planning makes the advisor’s value more visible and clearly defined. Moreover, the comprehensiveness of this approach means that CPA financial advisors have more opportunities to help the client, meaning an increase in value provided to the client and in value of the wealth management enterprise.

It can lead to higher client acquisition. By offering something unique, financial planners set themselves apart in the industry. The one-of-a-kind value of their services means their clients are more likely to refer their friends and family.

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Avantax Consulting Group

The Consulting group exists to provide “on the business” training, coaching and consulting to firm leaders, affiliated financial advisors and support teams, helping them grow their wealth management enterprises.

Wealth Management Consulting Group

The Wealth Management Consulting group is a robust resource that partners with financial advisors to deliver tax-optimized solutions through proven capabilities that serve the complex needs of their clients. The group leverages its expertise and professional advice experience to provide excellent customer service, substantive analysis and sales support that empowers partner firms to grow.