Ideal Retirement Solutions

Avantax Wealth ManagementSM works with affiliate CPA firms to provide realistic answers to the complex challenges of generating enough income to provide an ideal retirement.

Defining what a client’s ideal retirement looks like is an important first step in the retirement income planning process and establishing sustainable income for life. Avantax works with affiliate CPA wealth managers to properly identify and focus on the situations or events that could cause a client’s wealth to run out.

There are four key risk categories, each with two components, to consider:

risk categories

A critical step in the retirement planning process is to assess how these eight risks may affect a client’s vision of retirement and how the client and financial advisor can work together to mitigate them. Understanding these eight risks is imperative to creating sustainable income solutions that are intended to last the span of a client’s life and beyond.


Retirement Plan Consulting

Avantax Wealth Management's team of retirement consultants, pension and ERISA professionals guide CPA financial advisors through the intricacies of the complex regulatory environment and the duties of a plan fiduciary to craft custom solutions based upon the unique needs of the client’s business and employees.

Avantax's retirement consultants can help guide you and your financial advisor to:

  • Design the most appropriate type of retirement plan for your business with features that support your goals.
  • Assist CPA firms and financial advisors in developing an appropriate investment menu to meet the plan’s objectives.
  • Guide CPA firms and financial advisors through the implementation or conversion of qualified retirement plan.
  • Craft an employee education campaign covering such concepts as retirement planning, asset allocation and behavioral finance.
  • Help Avantax financial advisors monitor the plan to ensure fiduciary obligations are met.

Disclosure: Asset allocation does not ensure a profit against a loss in declining markets.


Wealth Management Consulting Group

The Wealth Management Consulting group is a robust resource that partners with financial advisors to deliver tax-optimized solutions through proven capabilities that serve the complex needs of their clients. The group leverages its expertise and professional advice experience to provide excellent customer service, substantive analysis and sales support that empowers partner firms to grow.