Exceptional Client Experience

We focus on providing you with the highest level of service and support that enables your firm to build strong, long-term relationships with clients.

Avantax Wealth Management has a storied history of providing a superlative service experience to our advisors and their firms. As the industry's ever-changing landscape continues to evolve, so must our approach to how we service our affiliate firms by empowering them to confidently serve the needs of their most demanding and complex clients.

We put the needs of our multi-partner CPA financial planning firms at the center of everything we do and organize our operations and service groups into end-to-end teams that deliver an exceptional client experience from start to finish.

It is our intent that this realignment will provide our firms with a better overall service experience while creating a culture of accountability for delivering a quality end-to-end service experience.

These cross-functional teams are strategically aligned to share job knowledge from the bottom up, top down and across the group — empowering them to be more responsive, agile, collaborative and responsive.


Client Advocacy

The Client Advocacy Group is responsible for establishing and ensuring a culture of service excellence for our financial advisors and their clients. We strive to ensure our interactions are not only solutions-oriented in nature but also exceed our advisors' expectations, uphold the highest of ethical standards and are specifically focused on serving each client's unique financial needs.

With every interaction, we strive to exceed expectation, uphold the highest ethical standards and provide step-by-step guidance to maneuver through each firm's most intricate challenges.


Avantax Wealth Management provides affiliate CPA firms back office systems and support that enables them to effectively and efficiently serve their clients. The Avantax Operations Group is responsible for the review, opening, approval and funding of all new accounts and the maintenance of existing accounts. The Operations Group's major components are the New Accounts, Transfer of Assets (TOA), Cashiering, Resolution Support and Regulatory Principal departments.

Wealth Management Consulting

Avantax provides all affiliate partners with access to a robust group of seasoned professionals that coach, collaborate and assist in the development and implementation of sales and marketing ideas, portfolio design and business-building strategies to help their clients pursue a better experience. The group leverages its expertise and professional advice experience to provide excellent customer service, substantive case analysis and sales support that empowers partner firms to grow.

Professional Advice for Advice Professionals

We empower firms to succeed by implement processes and procedures in four critical areas: marketing, sales, operations and administration.

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